How to make yoga work at work

July 14, 2019Articles & Stories, Fitness, News, Tips & Tricks

How to make yoga work at work We often read about the many incredible benefits of yoga. It enhances concentration and motivation, increases self-confidence, makes us happy, strengthens the immune system, and relieves anxiety, stress and depression.  What we don’t read about very often is how easy yoga is to do. Once you get into … Read More

The 8 Winter Healers of Yoga

June 19, 2019Articles & Stories, Fitness

The 8 Winter Healers of Yoga and how they help in the workplace There’s definitely something about yoga and the way it holistically embraces all that is good in this world. All that is good in us. It affects us in mind, body and spirit. It teaches us to be observant and find balance in … Read More

How to get the most out of your practice

November 6, 2016Articles & Stories

While individualising your Yoga journey is important, avoiding the following can go a long way to ensure you don’t give up on it.   COMMON MISTAKES IN A YOGA CLASS #1 Skipping the beginning and/or the end So many people come in a few minutes or even up to 15 minutes after the class has … Read More